Polyolefin film

– standard
– cross-link
– green

Green – polyolefin film

all polyethylene (PE), of which 51% to 53% is in this film, is made only of sugar cane polymer.

The remaining 47% – 49% of the film structure is already standard polypropylene.

Polyolefin film

Polyolefin films are heat-shrinkable films that are made of LDPE and PP layers. Polyolefin films are suitable for group packaging of all types of products.
They provide quality fixation of goods and protection against dust or moisture. These films are used for manual, semi-automatic and automatic packaging.

It is used for packaging a wide range of products requiring solid group packaging or perfect protection of individual products from dust, water, etc. – these are, for example, food, books, toys, cosmetics, etc.