LDPE film

– film used in lamination process

– film for printing and packaging

– Industrial and technical film

– film MDO (machine-direction orientation)

MDO film manufacturing process

• Preheating: Film enters the MDO stretching unit and is evenly preheated to a required temperature.
• Orientation: Film is nipped between a series of rollers revolving at various speeds.
• Annealing: Film is stabilized, and its altered properties are locked and retained.
• Cooling: Film is cooled to near room temperature.

Benefits of MDO

Enhanced mechanical properties such as tensile strength puncture resistance, stiffness, dead-fold, easy tearing in one direction, control over elongation on the machine-direction, and high machine-direction shrinkage.
• Enhanced optical properties: film can be tailored to meet specific requirements such as high transparency and gloss, low or high haze and light polarization.
• Enhanced barrier properties, enabling the production of down-gauged films while retaining the same oxygen and water barrier properties of thicker films.
• Film down-gauging requiring less source materials, less packaging and less transportation costs, thus reducing CO2 footprint, while retaining and improving film properties.